Free GeoGebra North American Conference

The free GeoGebra North American Conference will be held at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, on August 3-4, 2013. Teachers, faculty, students, and parents are all welcome. More than 70 sessions are scheduled.

UNL's Chuck Friesen (Dept of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education) and Dan Schaben (Arapahoe Public Schools, Noyce Master Teaching Fellow) will be presenting.

Like the software, the conference is FREE to attend. Over two days, more than 70 sessions are offered, covering mathematics teaching topics from grades K-16. For more details, see our conference program:

Sessions are organized into distinct content strands:
• Algebra Sessions (covering first and second year algebra)
• Introductory Geometry Sessions
• Precalculus / Calculus Sessions
• Probability / Statistics / Discrete Mathematics Sessions
• Early / Middle Grades Sessions
• General Interest / Newbie Sessions
• International Sessions
• Digital Ethics Sessions