Spring registration open for three online courses

We are pleased to announce an opportunity for Nebraska secondary mathematics teachers to take a course online in spring 2015. For those whose busy schedules require flexible scheduling in order to make taking graduate courses possible, the UNL Department of Mathematics offers mathematics courses for teachers online on a regular basis.

This spring, the department will offer Math 812T: Geometry for Geometry Teachers, Math 804T: Experimentation, Conjecture and Reasoning, and TEAC 880E: Teaching with Technology: Instructional Technology in Mathematics. See the descriptions below.

Spring registration is now open. The UNL spring semester begins January 12. If you are interested in taking a course, we recommend registering for only one class per term. To help us with our planning, please register by January 5.

Course Option 1:

Class Number for Registration: 24745

The main goal of the course is to focus on problem solving, reasoning and proof and communicating mathematics, bringing participants to the next level in the developing mathematical habits of mind.

Course Option 2:

Class Number for Registration: 24744

The main goals of the course are to strengthen teachers' mathematical background for teaching Geometry. We will focus on fundamental concepts of Euclidean geometry, with explorations of non-Euclidean geometry for contrast.

Course Option 3:

Class Number for Registration: 24830

The focus of this workshop is on developing skills for using GeoGebra in the teaching and learning of middle and high school mathematics. Topics found in PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses will be emphasized. Geometry properties and theorems, functions, transformations, conics, data analysis and other mathematics topics will be addressed. Participants will develop interactive mathematics applets, map downloaded files to their curriculum, and develop an implementation plan of action.

Taking courses online allows teachers the flexibility to accommodate their busy schedules. Additionally, the online environment can be very rewarding. Other teachers who have taken online courses had this to say:

* "Great quality of instruction! It was challenging, interesting and informative I learned a lot in this class."
* "I have learned many new and interesting things in this course throughout the semester. Many of the topics will help me in my current teaching position, while others have helped to deepen my understanding and enhance my perspective in the math field."
* "I was a little worried about taking an online class since there is little direct instruction, but the course was well designed and since we were able to work with groups and attend the office hour, the tasks were very manageable."

To register for courses at UNL if you have not taken a course in the past three terms (summer, spring or fall):
1. Go to the Teach Nebraska Web site at: http://www.unl.edu/gradstudies/teachneb
2. Click on the blue "Apply” link at the top of the screen.
3. If you remember your NU ID from being a past student, please enter it. If you do not have or remember your NU ID, please check the box indicating as such.
4. For the question, "Which of the following best describes your purpose in enrolling at UNL at this time?" select, "None of the above, therefore Non-Degree, Post-Baccalaureate"
5. Course Registration box: Enter the course number, class/call number, section number and 3 credits

Once you've completed the above, certify the statements and submit your application. My colleague in the Office of Graduate Studies, Mary Ashbury, will certify your application, admit you to the University, and register you for your courses. If you do not hear from her in three business days, please contact her at mashbury3@unl.edu.

If you have taken a course in the past year, use the instructions here for how to enroll in MyRED: http://registrar.unl.edu/registration-procedures. Please register by January 5.


Contact: Lindsay Augustyn

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