Attend NCTM Innov8 conference

Unique from other NCTM conferences, Innov8 has a specific focus: Knowing and supporting struggling students. The conference will help you better understand students who struggle and learn new ways to energize your school in supporting students with ideas and plans developed throughout the conference.

The biggest difference is that Innov8 is a working conference—instead of solely listening to speakers, you will be working with a team collaboratively throughout the conference.

At Innov8 you can select sessions that will best support and inform your work. You and your team will have multiple opportunities to revisit and refine your action plan based on new learning and conversations from each session you attend.

At the end of the conference, you will leave with concrete ideas and steps for tackling your specific struggling learner issue.

Learn more about the schedule, themes, session types, and the Innovation Lounge. Bring your team and engage in a hands-on, interactive, and new learning experience for mathematics education.