Registration will open soon for 2016 UNL Math Day

UNL Math Day
UNL Math Day

Registration for the 2016 UNL Math Day will be opening soon online at and If you have been a past Math Day coach, you will receive a separate email when the application is open.

This year’s Math Day will be Thursday, Nov. 17. Please find online the color poster for you to print out and hang in your classroom. Please email us if you want an 11x17 color poster printed and mailed to you.

The only change this year is in regards to the payment options. PayPal is no longer used by UNL. Instead, you can use UNL Marketplace to pay with a credit card if you can’t send a check. A link in the payment step in the online registration form will send you to the UNL Marketplace site. You will enter your total payment due in the amount field.

Here are a few reminders of the recent changes to Math Day:

Bowl Team Price - $75:
Includes 6 student registrations and lunches, up to 2 lunches for teachers/coaches and the entry fee for 1 bowl team (3 members and up to 3 alternates)
Additional Students - 7 through 15: $10 per student (includes lunch)
Additional Students - 16 or more: $8 per student (includes lunch)
Individual Price (No Bowl Team) - $10 per student (includes lunch, and we will cover cost of lunch for 1 teacher/coach)

Each class is based strictly on total student enrollment at the school (grades 9-12). We will use the latest class size data from the Nebraska Department of Education website.
Class I 1,500 students or more
Class II 750 to 1,499 students
Class III 250 to 749 students
Class IV 125 to 249 students
Class V 75 to 124 students
Class VI 0 to 74 students

Travel Support:
We will provide travel support for schools that are more than 150 miles away (one-way) from Lincoln. The policy is as follows:
If you are bringing 1 to 4 students, the school will be given $150 (flat rate)
If you are bringing 5 to 24 students, the school will be given $200 (flat rate)
If you are bringing 25 or more students, the school will be given $300 (flat rate)

Other Notes:
Due to space constraints, we can only allow 100 bowl teams at Math Day. The 100 teams (one per school) will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis by who submitted their registration first.

Be sure to go over the bubble sheet sample online and the instructions on the form with your students before they arrive at Math Day.

Due to construction on the new College of Business Administration building at 14th and Vine St., please use the route used last year (using the bus stop on north side of Vine) for dropping students off at the Coliseum.

***Registration deadline: Tuesday, Oct. 18. ***

Questions? Contact: Stephanie Vendetti and Lindsay Augustyn at