STEM Teaching Tool #43: Science in Elementary School

STEM Teaching Tool #43
STEM Teaching Tool #43

Editor's note: Each month we will bring you a practice brief, outlining a STEM Teaching Tool from the University of Washington's Institute for Science + Math Education, which is led by Dr. Philip Bell.

Practice Brief #43:
Why Do We Need to Teach Science in Elementary School?
By Julie Cafarella, Amber McCulloch, and Philip Bell

Our future depends on a public that can use science for personal decision-making and to participate in civic, political, and cultural discussions related to science. Though we have national goals for science education, science is often pushed to the side—particularly at the elementary school level. There are multiple reasons for science to be a core part of elementary school learning. It can support: (a) development of a knowledgeable citizenry, (b) meaningful learning of language and mathematics, (c) wonderment about how the natural world works, and (d) preparation for STEM-related careers.

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