Katt up for election to NCTM Board of Directors

Susie Katt
Susie Katt

Check out the slate of candidates for this year's fall NCTM election, including Susie Katt of Lincoln Public Schools for Director, Elementary School Level. Susie was a member of Primarily Math and was a Noyce Master Teaching Fellow.

Read more about Susie: https://www.nctm.org/About/President,-Board-and-Committees/2018-Candidates/Susie-Katt,-Candidate-for-Director,-Elementary-School-Level/

NCTM members will be electing a President-Elect and four new Board members to the NCTM Board of Directors this fall. Individual members will be asked to vote for one candidate for the Western Region and three candidates in the At-Large category. The election will be conducted exclusively online. If your individual membership was current as of Aug. 31, you received an electronic ballot to vote on Sept. 28.