FARRP part of Frito-Lay gluten-free initiative

Frito-Lay has announced a major corporate initiative to validate and label its gluten-free products. A key part of this initiative is assistance from UNL’s Food Allergy Research and Resource Program, a division of the Department of Food Science and Technology. FARRP is a cooperative venture between UNL and participating corporate members across the globe which provides research, testing, consulting, and education to address food allergens.

With help from FARRP and the Celiac Disease Foundation, Frito-Lay has developed a validation process to assure that a product contains less than 20 parts per million before claiming it is gluten free. Additionally, Frito-Lay is working with the Celiac Disease Foundation and National Foundation for Celiac Awareness on a campaign to educate the public on gluten free resources and options.

The Frito-Lay initiative continues a long and successful partnership with FARRP. For several years, FARRP has been utilized to test samples from all Frito-Lay processing facilities for gluten residue. FARRP will continue this service as needed to support Frito-Lay’s activities.