AMS Undergraduate Virtual JMM 2021 Travel Grants


AMS Undergraduate Virtual JMM 2021 Travel Grants

The AMS, with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), is offering Undergraduate Student support to participate in specific poster and speaking sessions at the 2021 Virtual Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM), January 6 - 9.

These grants are open only to full time undergraduate students in all areas of the mathematical sciences who are currently enrolled at a U.S. institution and who will be presenting or speaking at one of the following sessions at JMM 2021:

MAA Undergraduate Student Poster Session
• AMS-MAA-SIAM Special Session on Research in Mathematics by Undergraduates and Students in Post-Baccalaureate Program
• Selected AMS Special Sessions that focus on Mathematical Research

Applications are being accepted here on MathPrograms. Applicants will need to create a free applicant account on MathPrograms in order to submit their application. One application should be made by each individual who is requesting support, whether they are in a group project or a one-person project and they will need to name an advisor or administrator at their institution who must verify that they meet the qualifications for this funding. Note that the abstract deadline for the MAA Undergraduate Student Poster Session is November 6 and students can apply for this virtual JMM support before they know the outcome regarding the acceptance of their poster or speaking abstract.

The grant will cover the JMM 2021 virtual registration fee at the Undergraduate Student rate. For more information, see the AMS Undergraduate JMM webpage.

The deadline for applications is November 30, 2020.

Please note that applying for this travel support does not enroll the student into any presentation sessions (they have their own applications) and it does not register them for the JMM meeting. It is also important to understand that the AMS Meetings Department will contact awardees with the details about how to register for JMM. Applicants should NOT register for JMM until they hear from the Meetings Department.

For questions, contact Kim Kuda, Senior Program Coordinator, at