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UNL Mathematics
UNL Mathematics

Hello Math Majors,

Welcome to the 11th week of the fall semester and the 2nd week of Priority Registration for the Spring 2023 semester. I hope that your semester continues to go well and that you had a little fun on Halloween!

This week, I want to talk about Spring 2023 Pre-Session classes. Spring 2023 Pre-Session classes are officially part of the Spring 2023 semester, so your enrollment in Pre-Session classes counts toward your total enrollment for the Spring 2023 semester. So, it would be possible to be considered a full-time student by enrolling in 3 credit hours during the Pre-Session and 9 credit hours during the Regular Session of the Spring 2023 semester. Additionally, Spring 2023 Pre-Session classes are covered by your Spring 2023 semester financial aid, and I would encourage you to visit the Husker Hub if you have any questions about paying for Pre-Session classes.

There are a variety of classes offered during the Spring 2023 Pre-Session, and the majority of courses for the Pre-Session will be offered in fully online or web conferencing (Zoom) formats. There are courses planned that will fulfill several different ACE and CDR outcomes like ACE 2, ACE 5, ACE 6, ACE 7, ACE 8, ACE 9, CDR Humanities, CDR Social Sciences, and CDR Human Diversity in US Communities. There are also several special topics courses that sound like fun and interesting things to learn about. Pre-Session courses will all have a section number that starts with "P," which should help you identify them from regular session courses.

Spring 2023 Pre-Session classes are clearly not right for every student, but it doesn't hurt to investigate your options. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions about enrolling in Pre-Session classes for this spring.

Best wishes, Doug

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