UNL Composition Studio closes out the year with ‘Towards Light’

Flyover V
Flyover V

On April 15, the UNL Glenn Korff School of Music Composition Studio will be live-streaming Flyover V, titled “Towards Light” live from Kimball Recital Hall beginning at 7:30 p.m.

This is the final Flyover concert of the year and we are excited to share some wonderful new music with the community. Our composers and performers have worked tirelessly to ensure that Flyover V is not only a monumental success, but also illustrates the identity of the UNL Composition Studio. Continuing the themes of “Roads Ahead” and “Going Forward,” the compositions on this concert each portray the need for us to keep moving forward and seek out better days. We strive to discover, and grab hold of the future that awaits each of us. As a studio, we will not settle for the present, rather, we will snatch the light that lies ahead.

Join us on April 15 to hear the stories that our young composers are ready to share with the community. We hope that you can enjoy our composition students’ hard work as they continue to grow as composers, musicians, and people.

No in-person audience due to COVID but, the performance will be live streamed at music.unl.edu the night of the event.