Click2Science program joins Million Girls Moonshot

UNL is pleased to announce that Nebraska 4-H and its Click2Science Program is a coalition partner in the new initiative, Million Girls Moonshot.

The Million Girls Moonshot brings together partners with shared values, a spirit of collaboration, and an unwavering belief that by empowering girls to lead us into the future, lasting change happens:

Nebraska 4-H is on the statewide Million Girls Moonshot Advisory Committee being led by Beyond School Bells. It also is providing professional development for organizations working in this area and exploring a new portal on the Click2Science professional development site focused on engaging youth in Engineering.

The Million Girls Moonshot seeks to re-imagine who can engineer, who can build, who can make and inspire and prepare the next generation of innovators by engaging 1 million more girls in STEM learning opportunities through after-school and summer programs over the next five years.

The Moonshot will be active in out-of-school programs in all 50 states, leveraging the Mott-funded 50 State Afterschool Network, which has access to more than 10 million youth and 100,000 afterschool programs across the country.