Women in Science Conference features Duncan Aviation, East Campus workshops

WIS students visit with Entomology.
WIS students visit with Entomology.

Nebraska EPSCoR and the Center for Science, Mathematics and Computer Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will sponsor the 23rd Women in Science Conference on April 8-9, 2022, at the Embassy Suites, Duncan Aviation, and Hardin Hall on East Campus in Lincoln.

We encourage science teachers to bring up to four high-school students to attend. Registration is now open online: http://go.unl.edu/scimathapply or http://go.unl.edu/womeninscience and click on Register Now.

This conference encourages students to pursue their interests in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology by introducing them to role models of successful women in a variety of fields. Students will hear panels of scientists speak about their careers and their lives outside of work. Tours will be led through Duncan Aviation, and the students will participate in workshops on East Campus to give them opportunities to learn more about science-related areas. Our goals are to expand understanding of the kinds of work scientists do and to dispel some myths surrounding science careers for women.

Each school may bring up to four students to the conference, and a school sponsor must accompany them. Lodging (including breakfast), a Friday night banquet, and materials for the conference will be provided. Students and their sponsor will be housed at the Embassy Suites with four students or two sponsors assigned per room.

We encourage you to select students who may not have yet made college or career decisions. Please identify students you believe would benefit from this experience.

After registration closes online, we will finalize reservations and provide you with additional information. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 402-472-9312, or Stephanie.vendetti@unl.edu. Space is limited so registrations submitted early are important to guarantee you can participate. We look forward to hosting students in-person from your school in 2022!