NASA offers two virtual classroom connection events

James Webb Space Telescope
James Webb Space Telescope

Learn along with your students about the James Webb Space Telescope and NASA’s newest jet, Quesst, during two virtual classroom connection events.

1. Virtual Classroom Connection: James Webb Space Telescope
The first event will focus on the James Webb Space Telescope, the world’s largest, most powerful, and most complex space science telescope ever built. Webb will solve mysteries in our solar system, look beyond to distant worlds around other stars, and probe the mysterious structures and origins of our universe and our place in it. Webb is an international program led by NASA with its partners, ESA (European Space Agency) and the Canadian Space Agency.

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2. Virtual Classroom Connection: Quesst Mission
The X-59 aircraft, part of the Quesst mission, will be the focus of the second event. The mission has two goals: 1) design and build NASA’s X-59 research aircraft with technology that reduces the loudness of a sonic boom to a gentle thump to people on the ground; and 2) fly the X-59 over select U.S. communities to gather feedback from people about the sound generated during supersonic flight and deliver that data set to U.S. and international regulators.

Using this data, new sound-based rules regarding supersonic flight over land can be written and adopted, which would open the doors to future supersonic commercial travel over land, drastically cutting flight times and saving people and cargo time in the air.

NASA’s Next Gen STEM (NGS) will select a limited number of middle school groups for live virtual events with a NASA expert on September 8 at 1 p.m. EST and September 15 at 1 p.m. EST. During this unforgettable interactive event, students will learn about the mission and research and ask questions of a NASA expert. Upon completion of the virtual connection, students will be challenged to complete a hands-on activity. The educators will then share the students’ solutions to NASA through the NASA CONNECTS community of practice. Registration does not guarantee selection to participate in this event.

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