Noyce grant provides 30 more scholarships for future science teachers

Elizabeth Lewis (PI) of TLTE, Daniel Claes (co-PI) of Physics and Astronomy, David Harwood (co-PI) of Earth and Atmospheric Sciencs and Tiffany Heng-Moss (co-PI) of Entomology have been awarded an $800,000 National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program Phase II grant. This three-year grant will continue to provide scholarships to graduate students in the Master of Arts with emphasis in science teaching (MAst) program, a 14-month secondary science teacher education and MA program that educates highly-qualified secondary science teachers to teach in high-needs school districts. It also includes a longitudinal, descriptive, comparative study of beginning and intermediate phase science teachers.

For information about the MAst program and application deadlines see:

Next spring the current Noyce grant will offer 10 scholarships for $15,000 and then the Phase II grant will provide 30 more scholarships on top of those for $16,000 for the duration of the new grant. In total we are prepared to support 40 more future science teachers, an important endeavor as the state and the nation is facing large retirements by baby boomers and a shortage of new science teachers.