A break from stress: Make your own at-home Spa Day

Take a break from stress with these at-home spa day ideas.
Take a break from stress with these at-home spa day ideas.

Life can be really stressful right now - exams, projects, social distancing - yet it's as important as ever to care for your well-being. A fun way to take a break is a DIY at-home spa day. Pick your favorites from this list and get ready to unwind and relax.

Take your bath to the next level
A nice warm bath is probably the first thing everyone thinks of when trying to do a spa night, but there are a few ways to spruce up a regular bath into something worthy of a resort.

Add a bath bomb: You may already have some bath bombs lying around the house; if not, you can find a recipe for a homemade version here.

Essential oils: There's an endless amount of essential oils out there, and they all smell great and have different benefits. Put a few drops into your bath, or use a diffuser to enhance your relaxation.

Light a candle: Dimming the lights and lighting a candle or two can do wonders for creating a calming atmosphere. Choose any scent you like, and it'll help to make a custom spa feeling in your own bathroom.

Do a hair mask: Since you're probably not leaving the house much right now, it's the perfect chance to take extra good care of your hair. You can use a hair mask you already have, or make one of these DIY options.

Boost your skin care
Your skin may be struggling from stress or you've started to slack on your regular routine. Here's how to get yourself back on top of your skincare health.

Give yourself a facial massage: A short, 5-minute massage can make you feel like you're back at the spa getting a facial. It can help tighten skin and is surprisingly relaxing. Apply an oil or serum first so you don't pull on your skin. This tutorial can help get you started with proper techniques.

Put on a face mask: Whether it's a clay mask, sheet mask or wash-off mask, the benefits can really help out your skin in a variety of ways. You can easily make any of these DIY options.

Exfoliate: It's important to exfoliate every so often to remove dead skin and keep your skin soft. Try making this homemade body scrub out of just lemon juice, olive oil and sugar.

Practice some meditation
The goal of an at-home spa day is to relax and clear your mind for a while. Meditation can work wonders for your mental well-being and push any troubles out of your mind. It's also easy to practice at home, so go ahead and try out these beginner's techniques.

Find a comfortable spot: Meditation works best in a quiet and secluded area. Find a small space in your house to light a candle, set out a blanket and some plants, and maybe dim the lights.

Try guided meditation: If you're new to the practice, it can feel like an eternity to sit and do nothing for even a couple minutes. Guided meditations can give you a calming presence to listen to and help guide you through the process if you're lost on how to do it yourself.

Start small: It's okay to not sit through a marathon meditation session; there are still benefits to only a couple minutes of practicing awareness. The quality of meditation matters more than the length of time, so it's alright if you're not completely comfortable yet– you can work your way up to more intensive sessions.