It's time to start thinking about summer courses.

Summer registration begins March 1.
Summer registration begins March 1.

As we approach the second summer affected by the coronavirus pandemic, many internships, education abroad programs, and other experiences continue to remain limited or unavailable.

Summer sessions are a great way for you to catch up or get ahead on your degree requirements, broaden your career skills, or explore a new topic. Courses are available in MyRED and the three streamlined methods of course delivery from spring semester will continue for summer: In-Person, Web Conferencing, and Online.

Registration begins March 1 for all summer session dates:

  • Pre-Session: May 17 - June 4
  • Eight-Week Session: May 17 - July 9
  • First Five-Week Session: June 7 - July 9
  • Second Five-Week Session: July 12 - August 12

Similar to the fall and spring semesters, students will receive a "Summer 2021 Fee Reduction" if their total Online Course Fees plus University Program Facilities Fees are more than $241 across all sessions. The fee reductions do not include technology, library or other course and lab fees.

Scholarship and financial aid options are available to qualifying students.

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