Build your Husker Heroes sandwich, and we'll tell you what summer class to take

Take this short quiz for your perfect summer session course.
Take this short quiz for your perfect summer session course.

Your Husker Heroes order says a lot about you — at least that's what we think. Maybe we're just a little too enamored by those toasty and tasty subs, but we think that they can even be used as field guides to life. So, we're trying it out! Build your dream Husker Heroes sandwich below, and we'll try to tell you what it says about you...and what it says about your future in the upcoming Summer Session. This might be the cheesiest quiz you've ever taken.

A: Ciabatta Roll
B: Whole Grain Bread
C: White Bread
D: Italian Bread

PROTEIN (if you're vegetarian, skip this — it won't affect your quiz!):
A: Ham
B: Turkey
C: Tuna
D: Roast Beef

A: Pepper Jack
B: Shredded Cheddar
C: Provolone
D: Mozzarella

A: Lettuce
B: Onion
C: Cucumber
D: Tomato

A: Jalapeños
B: Pickles
C: Olives
D: Green Peppers

A: Cajun Seasoning
B: The Husker Blend
C: Dill
D: Red Pepper Flakes

A: Spicy Ranch
B: Mustard
C: Mayo
D: Vinegar & Oil

If you picked mostly A's...
You like things with a little spice to them! We suggest breaking out of your mold and trying something new... maybe DANC 398: Exploring Tai Chi?

If you picked mostly B's...
You stick with the staples, and there's nothing wrong with that! Summer is a perfect time to take those necessary ACE classes, like ANTH 110: Introduction to Anthropology, STAT 218: Introduction to Statistics or GEOG 155: Physical Geography.

If you picked mostly C's...
You like a sandwich you can eat on the go — whether it's walking to class, hanging in a hammock or sneaking into the library. We think that ARTP 383: Art at Cedar Point—Working with Watercolor will be an exciting and engaging field school experience that will match your energy levels and love of the outdoors.

If you picked mostly D's...
You like the classics. We suggest a class that allows you to dive into two classic areas of study — music and film. MUNM 275: Music in Film: Contemporary Hollywood Films is the perfect pick for you!

Now that we've got you hungry for sandwiches and learning, it's time to sign up for Summer Session classes! These courses will help you complete pre-reqs, explore new ideas and move forward in your degree. Learn more about available courses on our Summer Session website.

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