Two-week Pre-Session offers unique spring classes

Two-week Pre-Session offers unique spring classes
Two-week Pre-Session offers unique spring classes

Inspired by the success of last year's winterim sessions, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is offering a two-week Spring Pre-Session as part of a systemwide program to explore opportunities for future curricular innovation. Courses featured will allow you to:

  • apply skills or knowledge through focused application of knowledge and skills through, for example, case studies or client-based projects.

  • enhance career-readiness, such as learning statistical, coding, graphic media, or data management programs and applications or developing and practicing communication, organizational, and/or leadership skills.

  • explore grand challenge framework topics not typically offered during the regular semesters.

Among the courses offered, you can learn: How to stand out from a pool of job applicants to prospective employers. How the systems we use shape the creation of information and how we use it. How the use of algorithms by emerging technologies shape our life and behavior.

The Spring Pre-Session runs from January 3 to 14, and most courses are one or two credit hours. Three-credit courses will overlap with the regular semester to meet all credit-hour requirements and are designed to not conflict with regularly scheduled spring semester coursework.

Find courses in MyRED by searching for "Pre-Session" in the session search field and adding them to your shopping cart for priority registration, which begins Oct. 25. Classes are expected to fill quickly. Scholarship and financial aid options are available to those who qualify.

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