Be a part of #UNL24 on Sept. 24

#UNL24 on Sept. 24
#UNL24 on Sept. 24

Students have 24 hours to show the world what life is like at UNL.

On Monday, Sept. 24, students can post to social media with #UNL24 to share their story as part of a project to tell the collective story of 24 hours of life at UNL.

A surge in social media posts and a new website curated from those posts will show the spirit and diversity of the Husker experience.

The entire UNL community – including alumni and friends - can share their story through social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook – if their posts are public – by including the hashtag #UNL24 in their post and via email at More information will soon be online at

The university will curate and present selected posts, photos and video content on the UNL24 website to give an indefinite life span to content shared during the 24 hours on Sept. 24.


• How do I participate?
On Sept. 24, use the hashtag/keyword #UNL24 in posts you make on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
You can also email content to:
Share what makes life at UNL amazing – especially in photos. Share your favorite place on campus. Or the people with whom you share your time at UNL. Or simply part of your routine that makes UNL yours.
If you’re up for it, encourage current students to use the resources on campus to make the most of their experience and graduate in four years. And share stories that will help prospective students see how great it is to attend UNL.

University Communications will collect the best content posted to #UNL24 and present it at

• Can anyone participate?
Yes! Everyone with a connection to UNL has a story to tell. It all starts on campus, but students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends take their UNL ties with them wherever they go. Help us invite more people to share stories to #UNL24. Do you know students studying abroad or alumni or friends of UNL? Tell them about #UNL24 on September 24.

• How can I submit content for the site?
First and foremost, please use social media on September 24 and include #UNL24 in your message. To have content considered for the site, use:
- Twitter(make sure your tweets are public)
- Facebook (make sure your posts are public – or post content to the UNL page at
- Instagram
- Email: Share a story of (100 or fewer words). Send a link to a YouTube video. Or, send photos showing what you love about UNL or how UNL is part of your daily life.

• Will all submitted content be used?
We can’t promise to include all content that is posted and emailed. Appropriate content that is creative and represents the diversity of life at UNL/UNL connections will be prioritized. Regardless of whether or not your submission is posted to the site, we appreciate all participation.

• Will the site be online after September 24?
Yes. Day 24 with UNL will be a great way to share our unique story throughout the year.

• Is it anonymous?
If you post content publicly on social media, we’ll include your name/handle. If you’d like to submit content anonymously, you can email your content and indicate that you’d like to share anonymously. Through UNL24, we hope to create an authentic look at life with UNL and will prioritize content to be included on the site that features real people.