Earn $100 for being a PREVENT peer educator

Twenty student Liaisons representing several specific populations will be hired for part-time outreach work to assist with the development of strategies to engage more men, rural students, students of color, LGBTQ students, students with disabilities, student-athletes and fraternity/sorority members as PREVENT peer educators. Each student liaison will receive $100 in December after:

• completing 2 two-hour training workshops (mid-September/early October),
• attending 8 PREVENT meetings (throughout the semester), and
• arranging for a PREVENT presentation to at least one class, RSO, residence hall floor, fraternity/sorority, team meeting or other event that will reach one or more of the specific populations (in October or November).

Workshops and PREVENT meetings will be scheduled at times and locations that reflect the needs of the specific populations (at the Athletic Department Life Skills office, on East Campus, in the Gaughan Center, etc.). Liaisons will work with the current PREVENT members to identify strategies to bring more of the specific populations into PREVENT and to increase presentations/outreach to those specific groups.

For more information contact Jan Deeds at jdeeds1@unl.edu, or attend a PREVENT meeting on Thursdays at 4 pm in the Women’s Center, Nebraska Union 340.