Mental Wellness Checkups Offered on October 9th

National Depression Screening Day
National Depression Screening Day

Are you feeling anxious, irritable, sad? Take a 10-15 minute anonymous screening for common emotional conditions provided free by Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for National Depression Screening Day on Oct. 9th in the City Union 10-4pm, Gaughan Center 12-4pm, and Campus Rec 6-8pm.

At the screening, you can complete a self-assessment and talk with a counselor about your personal situation. Even if you don’t have a mood or anxiety disorder and are just going through a couple of bad days, you are invited to come take advantage of the program and learn about the services Counseling and Psychological Services offers.

If you are unable to attend the screenings, you can access free on-line screenings in the areas of depression, alcohol use, and eating disorders at: Once the screening is completed, you can schedule an appointment with a University Health Center professional to review your results and develop a treatment plan.

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