Sign up for or update your UNL Alert contacts


New students, faculty and staff can sign up for the electronic emergency notification system used on campus, UNL Alert. During an emergency, subscribers will receive notifications via email, phone and text, based on the signup information provided. This is a free service. It also lets users prioritize which devices to receive notifications.

Many students choose a text message so their phone can communicate that message to them during class, if necessary. Some may also choose to receive a phone call, so in the case of a class cancellation because of weather or another emergency, the notification system will call them.

Emergency alerts will also appear on UNL web pages if someone has a UNL site open at the time of the notification. Twitter alerts are also planned to be sent via @UNLNews.

Sign up for UNL Alert at If you change your phone number or email addresses, remember to visit that site again to update your information. Returning students, as well as faculty and staff, should check to be sure their contact information and notification priorities are current.

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