Lord of Liars: The UNL Werewolves Board Game Competition is coming soon!

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The contest logo

The University of Nebraska Werewolves of Miller Hollow Club (UNWMHC) is a 100+ RSO that plays the namesake board game. Similar to Mafia, the board game revolves around strategy and communication. Currently, the club is looking to start an English-speaking section, as the majority of current members speak Mandarin. Events are held each Friday night in the University Suites multipurpose room.

Werewolves of Miller Hollow, otherwise known as "Werewolf", is a game in which players take the role of either the townsfolk or the werewolf. The game is split into two sections, day and night. During the night, werewolves wake up and choose one person to kill off. Empowered townsfolk, such as the seer or the witch will have their own turn to wake up during the night and use their special ability to help the townsfolk find who the werewolves are. During the day, the townsfolk attempt to figure out who among them are werewolves, then one player is voted off. The game continues until either all the werewolves are caught or until all the townsfolk are dead.

Coming up, UNWMHC will host a competition, “Lord of Liars”, open to all Mandarin-speaking players. The event will be live streamed and video recorded, and sent to a professional video editor. They hope these online episodes will become as popular as other Werewolf shows such as “Lying Man” or “SuperLiar”, with audiences of over one million views. With professional technology and editing team, the club board is very confident about the success of the online episodes. The cost for video recording and editing is substantially high, so the club is currently seeking sponsors. The club will provide naming rights, video advertisements, auditorium and staff uniform ads, as well as social media ads.

Werewolf is more logically challenging and clever than regular board games. Players will be communicating throughout the entire game, which results in a great social and fun environment. “I met many of my close friends through this club, and each Werewolf game is different and exciting. The best part is at the end of each game, when everyone is filled with adrenaline and surprise”, remarked Aaron Wang, a freshman at UNL.