Endangered Data Week: April 17-21

Join University Libraries and the Digital Library Federation (DLF) for Endangered Data Week, an event to raise awareness of threats to publicly available data, explore the power dynamics of data creation, sharing, and retention, and teach ways to make endangered data more accessible and secure.
Personal Digital Archiving Love Library Link (second floor), April 17-21
This digital display on a large format screen provides helpful tips on how to rescue your own data based on the amount of time you have available - minutes, hours, days, or weeks.
Demos & Donuts: Box Adele Hall Learning Commons, Tuesday, April 18 @ 7pm & Wednesday, April 19 @ 3pm
Stop by for a quick demo of Box, the cloud storage and collaboration platform that is free for all UNL faculty, staff, and students. Presented by UNL ITS.
Demos & Donuts: HCC Adele Hall Learning Commons, Thursday, April 20 @ 11:30am & 7pm
Learn about the Holland Computing Center (HCC) and how they can help you with your research needs. Presented by HCC.
Endangered Data: What is it and how can I help? Love Library South Room 221, Thursday, April 20, 2pm-4pm
This session will introduce participants to the topic of endangered data from a variety of perspectives as well as provide ideas and opportunities for getting involved in collaborative efforts to rescue, preserve, document the significance of, and keep available public datasets. Addressing the challenges of endangered data requires interest and expertise of all kinds, including gathering information, developing and following technical processes, fostering engagement, telling compelling stories, and more.
Endangered Accountability Love Library South Room 224, Friday, April 21, 12-1pm
Join members of the DLF’s new working group on Government Records Transparency and Accountability for a live webinar conversation about government data and records transparency. In this webinar, we’ll dig below the headlines to talk about the current state of FOIA, the difference between “records” and “data,” and what, actually, is at risk in this current moment. Featuring presentations by Alex Howard of the Sunlight Foundation, Denice Ross from New America, and Deputy Director Nikki Gramian and Management Analyst Amy Bennett from the National Archives FOIA Ombudsman’s Office. Join at https://www.uberconference.com/clir-dlf or in the viewing room in Love Library 224.

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