Compliance with Nebraska State Statute 84-602.03 Taxpayer Transparency Act

As of January 1, 2013, the Nebraska statute known as LB429 went into effect. What does this mean to the campuses of the University of Nebraska? It means that all university entities must be in compliance with this law regarding contracts. In order to be in compliance, all contracts in which we (the university) promise to pay any amount of $.01 or more, must be uploaded to the State’s website:

What constitutes a contract in the eyes of the State?
• The agreement is accepted and signed by (at least) two parties
• Creates an obligation that is enforceable by law
• Includes amendments and other documents, incorporated by reference, leading to the expenditure of state funds

How do university personnel upload contracts to the website?
• If the contract requires that it is reviewed and signed in Procurement Services, Procurement services will upload.
See Board of Regents Contract Signature Authority overview:
• If the contract can be signed in the department, the department is responsible to upload using the Nebraska Contract System:
If you need access to this system, this link will provide an access request as well

Procurement Services can help you:
• Understand how to access the portal to upload your contracts
• Determine the process & procedures regarding contracting on behalf of the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska

Questions? Call the Procurement Contracts Team at 472-2126 or email