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The Collegiate Recovery Community
The Collegiate Recovery Community

The Collegiate Recovery Community has been growing exponentially with the start of the new semester! Lots of students, especially freshmen, have reached out during the late summer and are now getting the opportunity to meet with the other students in recovery. It’s been amazing to watch the students with more experience in recovery get the chance to help the newcomers, and vice versa! The CRC has truly become a community, with all the members helping one another.

With everyone finally back in Lincoln it's been a blast to attend the local AA/NA meetings and other recovery related events together. Having a good group of students that goes to meetings together allows people newer in recovery a great gateway to the rooms, as one member of the collegiate recovery community stated, “CRC got me into the rooms. I was too afraid to walk into Alcoholics Anonymous alone. The CRC led me by the hand into the rooms which have been integral to my recovery.”

The Student-Only CRC Recovery meetings have also been growing in attendance. These meetings are great for students because they are able to communicate with a smaller group, and talk specifically about the challenges of staying sober in college. These meetings take place on Monday nights at 7:30pm in the University Health Center Room 126.

Finally, we sent out an anonymous survey to the members of the CRC with the prompt: “How has the CRC helped you in your recovery”, for the next few newsletters we intend to close with one response each time, this months response:

“Starting college in a whole new city while in early recovery was incredibly difficult and scary! I'm so grateful that I found the CRC and met so many wonderful students in recovery. They've made recovery feel much less lonely and daunting, as well as introducing me to meetings in the area and giving me incredibly helpful advice and support.”

More details at: https://resilience.unl.edu/recovery