We Are Nebraska Paid Internship Available!

WE ARE NEBRASKA is searching for paid interns!

To learn and grow as one of the next generation of leaders in diversity and inclusion.

• Group will meet twice a week, 3 hours each
• No less than 2 shows a semester.

Desired Characteristics: (No performance experience necessary)

• Willing to present theatrical vignettes in front of large group
• Passionate about telling your personal story to the university community and beyond
• Have a track record as a leader and/or active committee member.
• Strong interpersonal communication skills
• Ability and/or open to relating to diverse groups
• Team player
• Committed to learning and sharing experiences with others
• Open to new ways of learning and communication

Deadline: Applications & References due by Monday September 9th, 2019

Intern benefits:
• 10$ an hour, 6 hours a week
• Incredible personal and professional growth as a diverse leader and collaborator
• Increase communication skills
• Listening skills
• Improve negotiating skills
• Boost confidence
• Opportunity for healing

The group will comprise of 12 students and include but not limited to:
• Different majors (may be grad or undergrad)
• Variety of racial identity
• Gender identity
• Sexual orientation
• Socioeconomic class back ground
• Different religions & beliefs
• Immigrants & refugees
• Past addiction issues
• Mental health challenges

The hybrid approach of APPLIED IMPROVISATION AND APPLIED THEATRE provides the students with:

Leadership skills - How can you lead without knowing who you are? These emerging leaders will gain self awareness and know how to tell a story - especially their own! They will learn the power of descriptive storytelling that influence and transform an audience.

Crucial collaborative experiences - Students bond and work with others who have experienced barriers/oppression very different than their own. Interns will learn techniques that foster trust upon which every great relationship is built.

Communication skills - The students gain developed skills in facilitating dialogue and instigating change toward social justice which will be key during the Q & A’s after each performance.

Confidence - Improv has been called “the key to success” for future leaders. The ability to adapt, think flexibly and apply “Yes, and...” is universally agreed the #1 skill to survive in the 21 century.

Healing - Listening is one of the key principles of improv and nothing in the world feels better than being heard! Not only will the interns feel energized after the opportunity to authentically and expressively tell their story and that of their peers, but they will have inspired empathy from their audiences.

The application link is below.


Again, if you have any questions about the internship or the application, please contact:

Julie Uribe
Director and Facilitator WE ARE NEBRASKA

More details at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/wearenebraska19-20