When do I re-register my RSO?

In order to stay in full compliance with Student Involvement, RSOs are required to complete 2 (or 3) items:

1. Annual Re-Registration on NvolveU
2. President, Treasurer and Primary Programmer must attend Annual Orientation
3. If your RSO has gross annual receipts over $5,000 an FTIN must be obtained.

When should we re-register?
Only submit a re-registration when one of two things has happened:

1. New officers are elected
2. Your RSO has made revisions to your constitution.

A current President, Treasurer, Primary programmer or Advisor can begin the Re-Registration process. Simply navigate to the Manage Organization function and click the blue "Re-Register" box. Keep in mind, RSOs are always eligible to re-register in case your officers change. http://bit.ly/NvolveU_UpdatePositions has more info.

Re-registrations are reviewed on a weekly basis and can only be approved if all officers have attended Annual Orientation. This process helps keep Student Involvement's records up to date and keep you in compliance.