Strength of the Month: Analytical


The Analytical theme challenges other people: "Prove it. Show me why what you are claiming is true." In the face of this kind of questioning some will find that their brilliant theories wither and die. For Analyticals, this is precisely the point.
They do not necessarily want to destroy other people's ideas, but they do insist that their theories be sound. Analyticals see themselves as objective and dispassionate. They like data because it is value free. It has no agenda. Armed with this data, Analyticals search for patterns and connections.
They want to understand how certain patterns affect one another. How do they combine? What is their outcome? Does this outcome fit with the theory being offered or the situation being confronted? These are their questions.

For Analyticals to be successful, they should:
•Think about choosing work in which they are to analyze data, find patterns, or organize ideas. For example, they might excel at research (e.g. marketing, financial, medical), database management, editing, or risk management.
•Identify credible sources upon which they can rely. They are at their best when they have well-researched sources of information and numbers to support their logic.
•Develop their Analytical skills by getting to know and share ideas with the outstanding analysts who specialize in their area.
•Volunteer their Analytical talent. This can be particularly helpful to those who are struggling to organize large quantities of data or to bring structure to their ideas.

•Partnering with someone with a strong Activator theme. This person's impatience will move you quickly through the analytical phase into the action phase.
•Listen to people with the Strategic, Belief, or Empathy themes. Their insights and intuitions are difficult to measure, but are often accurate and valuable nonetheless.