Show Up. Sign Up. Level Up.


Student Involvement wants students to get involved. We can help them find their community, discover endless opportunties and experiences outside the classroom, and equip them to make a difference on campus and beyond. All it takes is three simple steps for them to take advantage of their Husker experience.

Show Up! Whether it's a big event or a small gathering, we want students to mark it on their calendars, invite a friend, get out, and go. Campus events are great places to meet others,, take a study break, and experience the vibrancy of campus.

Sign Up! Students shouldn't be afraid to put their name on the list for that club, that team, or that group. We want them to get involved in something they are passionate about, or even something they've always been curious about.

Level Up! Because their most important project while at UNL is themselves! We want to help them take on leadership positions within their club, expand their minds and views, and make a difference on campus and in the community. Ultimately, we want to help them become the best version of themselves.

All throughout the year Student Involvement will be recognizing and higlighting students and advisors who #showup, #signup, and #levelup. Visit our website or social media pages for more information!

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