Faculty-Led Winter Break Trip to Panama

Faculty-Led Winter Break Trip to Panama
Faculty-Led Winter Break Trip to Panama

Dates: Dec 27, 2017 – Jan 7, 2018
***Both courses will count towards regional or thematic specialization for GLST students.
Track for Juniors, Seniors and Distinguished Scholars (project-based cohort)
Course: BSAD 491 (3 cr)
Instructor: Elina Ibrayeva

Track for Freshmen and Sophomores (culture-based cohort)
Course: BSAD 191 (3 cr)
Instructor: Chandra Schwab

Program description: The project-based cohort will work on two projects. First, they will enroll in a fall semester course (BSAD 491) at UNL and develop a marketing plan to sell semi-processed teak wood from Panama in the US. Second, they will design to renovate a student housing solar-powered cottage near a lake at Batipa property in rural Panama. Students will be selected from architecture, construction management, design, communication, journalism, and international business majors. A high level of cultural exchange is required to successfully complete the project because UNL students will work and exchange ideas with Panamanians and locals from Oteima Technological University during the cottage design project. Communication and journalism majors will videotape the process for a documentary project. Furthermore, students will be split into two groups and compete against each other – one group will fix the top (section for women) and the other the bottom (section for men) of the cottage. Judges will determine the winner based on planning, budgeting, team cohesiveness, intercultural exchange, and use of Spanish language to communicate.

Freshmen and sophomores will be exposed to extensive cross-cultural elements of the trip. As such the culture-based cohort will focus on learning how to study culture impacts business. This cohort will be gently introduced to global business.

Application deadline: April 21.

More details at: http://myworld.unl.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=12481