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Seminars and Coffee & Conservation Discussions
Seminars and Coffee & Conservation Discussions

Some of the Fall 2021 SNR Seminar series and all of the Coffee and Conservation series were recorded and can be viewed on the ‘Seminars & Discussions’ webpage at

August 31 – Dennis Ferraro, Conservation Biologist/Herpetologist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln | School of Natural Resources,"Nebraska's Master Naturalist Program: Providing Citizens an Opportunity to Contribute to Natural Resource Conservation through Meaningful, Science-based Volunteer Experiences and a Positive IMPACTs Regarding Local 'At-Risk' Species"

September 15 – Allison Zach, Coordinator, Nebraska Invasive Species Program, "Nebraska Invasive Species Program: Education Resources, Research, and Collaboration"

September 22 – David Manning, Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Omaha | Department of Biology, "Using 'Big Data' to Propel New Insights in Freshwater Ecosystem Science"

September 28 – Mark Vrtiska, Wildlife Management Specialist, Tern and Plover Conservation Partnership | University of Nebraska | School of Natural Resources, "Potential Changes Coming Down the River: Least Tern and Piping Plover Conservation on the Lower Platte River"

October 6 – Laurel Hartley, Associate Professor, University of Colorado (Denver) | Department of Integrative Biology,"Student reasoning about ecological systems and change"

October 13 – Seth Riley, Adjunct Associate Professor; Wildlife Branch Chief, UCLA | Institute of Environment and Sustainability; U.S. National Parks Service; Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, "Lessons from Long-Term Studies of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in an Urban National Park: From Newts to Mountain Lions and Rat Poisons to Wildfire"

October 26 – Michelle Koch, Assistant Division Administrator, Nebraska Game and Park Commission, "Instream Flow: Securing Water for Wildlife"

October 27 – Kelly Robinson, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University | Department of Fisheries and Wildlife | Quantitative Fisheries Center, "Using Decision Analysis for the Collaborative Management of Natural Resources"

November 3 - Brian Davis, Assistant Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Management, Mississippi State University | College of Forestry Resources, "Dynamics, Challenges, and Restoration Needs of Louisiana's Coastal Wetlands"

November 10 – Mason Findio, Quantitative Ecologist, Lincoln (NE) Park Zoo | Urban Wildlife Institute, "Teasing Apart Among and Within City Variation in Urban Biodiversity Through a Large-scale, Multi-city Collaboration"

November 17 – Stonie Cooper, Mesonet Manager, Nebraska State Climate Office, "Interpreting Climate Change for Nebraska"

November 30 – Adam Janke, Assistant Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist, Iowa State University, "Advancing Wetlands Conservation for Water Quality and Wildlife in Iowa"

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