Join in on #TimelapseTuesdays with the Platte Basin Timelapse team

Platte Basin Timelapse Composite
Platte Basin Timelapse Composite

The Platte Basin Timelapse project team tells the story of the 90,000 square-mile Platte River Basin with photography, videography and writing. You can keep track of some of the basin’s latest, and most captivating, moments caught on camera by following the PBT’s social media accounts.

Every week, PBT, housed at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln School of Natural Resources, publishes a #TimelapseTuesday post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They provide periodical glimpses at ecological evolutions in areas where PBT cameras have been installed.

“Imagine if you could replay all the beautiful memories of your past in the matter of seconds or minutes,” reads a Dec. 1 post that shows nightfall over Arbor Lake, north of Lincoln. “That's what timelapses are. They show us moments that are otherwise gone. They remind us that life happened, that life is happening, that life will continue to go on. We use them to show change over time, whether it's one day, a year, or 10 years.”

Keep tabs on #TimelapseTuesday posts, and all of the other PBT photos and videos that showcase the Platte River Basin, by following these accounts:

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