Rock sample has Nehawka connection

The "Nehawka Core" at the Conservation and Survey Division
The "Nehawka Core" at the Conservation and Survey Division

The “Nehawka Core” is an important resource housed at the state Conservation and Survey Division repository. It’s a rock sample that is the result of an oil drilling operation from the 1920′s.

We visited the repository inside Nebraska Hall on the University of Nebraska Lincoln Campus. Michele Waszgis manages CSD’s collection of geological samples. The Conservation and Survey Division was created by state statue in 1921 as a place to record information about Nebraska’s geologic history. Waszgis give us a closer look at the “Nehawka Core.”

“The Nehawka Core was drilled back in 1924,” Waszgis said. “It was drilled just north of the village of Nehawka. The core we have runs from 31 feet all the way down to 1,828 feet. The original purpose of the drilling was for oil exploration. A man from Texas came to town back then, and started buying leases in the community. They started drilling on March 1, 1924, and they ended the drilling on October 15, 1924.”

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