SNR Alumni: Dr. Clay Nielsen - UNL Alumni Master

Dr. Clay Nielson
Dr. Clay Nielson

by Jerome Okojokwu-Idu, SNR Graduate Student

Dr. Clayton K. Nielsen is 30 months from retirement after an illustrious career as a teacher and professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in the Forestry Program and Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory, Southern Illinois University. However, he had his bachelor’s degree at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

This year, along with eight others, he joined an elite group of about 400 professionals throughout the history of UNL who have been recognized and honored with the title of “Alumni Master”. The Alumni Masters award is a program sponsored by the Nebraska Alumni Association, the Student’s Alumni Association, and the Chancellor’s Office for their leadership, and stellar contribution to academia and society. The award which was instituted in 1964 is highly competitive and the winners are picked after some rigorous process that lasts several months.

Though highly decorated, the UNL alumnus didn’t always see himself become so accomplished that TIME Magazine, National Geographic magazine, BBC and several others would interview him for his groundbreaking research, because he had his own share of challenges at the very start while he was an undergraduate at UNL.

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