Look Up – Digital Signage is Back

Digital Signage in Hardin Hall
Digital Signage in Hardin Hall

You’ve walked by them countless times and never looked up. The monitors in the Hardin Hall lobbies. For the past couple of years, they have mostly been displaying UNL information and an occasion SNR events. Now the SNR staff are trying to use this technology to help you be better informed. Calendars, Event Information, News, Social Media and Weather can be found on the digital signage.

The screen is divided into four main areas. The top banner has the SNR name and then date, time, and air temperature at the Lincoln Airport. The bottom banner has IANR Headlines.

On the right-hand side of the screen, two different types of information can be displayed: 1) ‘Today in Hardin Hall’ and the current radar or 2) an events calendar, the SNR Twitter feed and the current radar.

‘Today in Hardin Hall’ lists activities in conference rooms, the auditorium (107 South) and public spaces within Hardin Hall. It does not list classes. By reserving a room in Outlook for your activity, it is automatically added to this list. The list displays only current day activities.

If no activities have reserved space in Hardin Hall for the day, then the events/Twitter/radar display is used. To add your activity to the events calendar, fill out the form at https://snr.unl.edu/aboutus/when/submitevent.aspx and submit a text-free image to snrwebmaster@unl.edu. Social Media content can be given to Jacki Loomis or Lisa Grief to post directly on the SNR social media feeds.

In the main part of the screen, a series of items are displayed. The playlist for this area can include SNR and UNL events, photo essays, special events and UNL social media. Generally, we are trying to have the playlist complete a full rotation in about 3 minutes. To have your information posted in this area, fill out the event calendar form above but in the additional information section, explain what more you might want to post. You can also get your information to Jacki or Lisa for display on the screens and on the SNR Socials.

To draw attention to the digital signage we are running a “Look Up NOW SNR” challenge. Watch the digital signage and look for the screen shot with the “Look Up NOW SNR” heading. There will be an image, a question and link/QR code to a webpage (https://go.unl.edu/SNRLOOKUP) with a short optional survey. (To access the form, use the code “LookUp2023”.) One winner a week will be selected from all the submissions with the correct answer and will win a prize from the Nebraska Maps & More Store. Just LOOK UP (and fill out a simple form.)

More details at: https://snr.unl.edu/aboutus/when/calendar.aspx