Employee Update: Arrivals, Departures & Cake

Welcome to SNR:
• Dominic Biondo joined SNR to work on a short-term project for CALMIT. His office is 231 HarH, EC 0982. His supervisor is Sunil Narumalani.

• Garrett Hurtt joined SNR and the Coop Unit as research technician. He will be working off campus for Lindsey Messinger.

• Matthew (Matt) Jones joined SNR and Nebraska Master Naturalist as a Training Assistant. He will work both off campus and from 508 HarH, EC 0995. His other contact info is 402-472-8689 and mjones30@unl.edu.

• Michael Robotham was given an Adjunct Associate Professor appointment. He is the National Leader for Soil Interpretations and Technical Soil Services at the USDA-NRCS-NSSC. His contact information is 100 Centennial Mall North, Lincoln, NE 68508; 402-437-4098; Michael.robotham@lin.usda.gov.

• Consuelo (Ceci) Romero, a visiting faculty member, joined SNR. Her background is in soil science with an emphasis in urban irrigation and soil and water conservation. She will collaborate with SNR and other UNL faculty as it ties in with her current work with the University of Florida. She will be in HarH 612, EC 0996. Her email is ccromero@ufl.edu.

• Walter Schacht began a 0.25 FTE teaching appointment in SNR. He will be coordinating the Grassland Ecology and Management Degree program. He will remain in his current office location, 312 Keim Hall, EC 0915. His other contact info is 402-472-0205 and wschacht1@unl.edu.

• Jennifer (Jen) Smith joined SNR as a post-doctoral research associate and a wildlife ecologist. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom) in 2010. Most recently she worked as a post-doc for the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech University where she studied the effect of land conversion on Crested Caracaras in south-central Florida. Her contact info is 153d HarH, EC 0931, 402-472-8741, jsmith60@unl.edu. Her supervisor is Larkin Powell.

• Colleen Steele will begin her appointment in SNR effective Oct. 1. She is coming from the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture. She is the data coordinator for the Ag Clearinghouse Consortium, a program under the direction of Roy and Mary Spalding. This program is moving into the Survey Division. Her contact info is 618 HarH, EC 0996; 402-472-3150, csteele3@unl.edu. She will move into Hardin Hall on Oct. 11. Her supervisor is Dana Divine.

Employee Departures
• Matt Konkler’s last day with SNR was Sept. 28. He was a research technologist working off-campus for Amy Burgin and Terry Loecke.
• Cleiton Sequeira’s last day with SNR was Sept. 28. He was a post-doctoral research associate working with Mark Kuzila.
• Meixiu Yu’s, a visiting scholar with NDMC, finished her studies on Sept. 19 and returned to China.

Employee Updates
Several office moves have occurred in the last few weeks:
• Madeline Eversoll - from HarH 804 to HarH 914
• Lisa Oswald - from HarH 157 to HarH 318 - all other contact info remains the same
• Nicole Wall - from HarH 821 to HarH 804 - all other contact info remains the same
• Sara Winn - from HarH 102a to HarH 102d - all other contact info remains the same
• SNR Recruiter Office - from HarH 102d to HarH 102A

Several more office moves be happen during the early weeks of October:
• Tonya Haigh - from HarH 914 to HarH 810 - all other contact info will remain the same
• Cody Knutson - from HarH 618 to HarH 821 - all other contact info remains the same
• Patty Swanson - from HarH 102 to HarH 102b - all other contact info will remain the same
• SNR Student Services Conference Room - from HarH 102b to HarH 102

October Birthdays:
☺ Sherrie Bacon
☺ Deborah Bathke
☺ Carla Bobier (Knight)
☺ Amy Burgin
☺ Jason DeBoer
☺ Song Feng
☺ Danielle Haak
☺ Mike Hayes
☺ Jeremy Hiller
☺ Les Howard
☺ Steve Hu
☺ Karen Jensen
☺ Galina Keydan
☺ Jesse Korus
☺ Susan Lackey
☺ Tom Lowman
☺ Kevin McMillan
☺ Jocelyn Olney
☺ Sathapom Onanong
☺ Martha Rhoades
☺ Christopher Schwarz
☺ Jonathan Spurgeon
☺ Andy Suyker
☺ Al Weiss
☺ Lily Zeng