Go URL makes short work of your long URLs

QR Code for go.unl.edu/snrpeople
QR Code for go.unl.edu/snrpeople

Go URL, https://go.unl.edu, is a URL shortening service for University of Nebraska–Lincoln related content. Use this when you would like a shorter URL with the unl.edu domain. Or use it for URLs outside of the unl.edu domain, too. Go URL comes in two basic forms. One randomly generates your shortened URL. The second offers the opportunity to create your own custom URL which may be useful for marketing purposes. You can augment your URL with Google Analytics campaign information as well.

Whichever method you choose, your shortened URL is produced along with a quick response QR Code featuring the Nebraska N within the design. The QR Code is suitable for use in printed or digital material and is generated in both a PNG and SVG version. Recent warnings about quishing, a form of phishing scammers use to direct users to fake websites that spread malware or gather confidential information, increase the value of QR Codes with the Nebraska N. They are easily recognizable as safe and legitimate.

When logged in with your credentials, Go URL will display a list of all Go URLs you have created, with the ability to sort them by name, group, number of redirects, created date, and more. From this screen, you have easy access to the QR Code, editing functions, and redirect reset.

Here’s an example of a Go URL created to direct users to the SNR Directory. The full URL to our directory page is https://snr.unl.edu/aboutus/who/people/directory.aspx. By entering a custom alias of snrpeople, the newly created Go URL is go.unl.edu/snrpeople. The new URL can be shared as text or using the automatically created QR Code.