Tips, Tricks & Other Helpful Hints: Adjusting AutoCorrect options

AutoCorrect options in Microsoft Programs can be adjusted.
AutoCorrect options in Microsoft Programs can be adjusted.

There are instances in which it may be necessary to adjust AutoCorrect options in Microsoft Programs. This can allow for easier use of the software. This can be adjusted for any program: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote. Once it is made for one program, it will carry through to the others.

1. Open a file.

2. Click on the "File" tab and choose "Options."

3. In the "Options" dialog box choose "Proofing." NOTE: In Outlook choose "Mail" and then "Spelling and Autocorrect."

4. Select "AutoCorrect Options."

5. In the "AutoCorrect" dialog box make the changes needed.

6. Click "OK" to close each of the dialog boxes that are open.

NOTE: To undo an autocorrect while working in a file use the keyboard shortcut of CTRL + Z or click the "Undo" icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.

These instructions, along with illustrations, can also be found in SharePoint > Software Users Group > Shared Documents > Office 2010 > Adjusting AutoCorrect Options.

Remember all SNR Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students have access to the SNR Software Users Group Site on SharePoint.