Student Spotlight: Aljulanda Alkhusaibi

Aljulanda Alkhusaibi
Aljulanda Alkhusaibi

Name: Aljulanda Alkhusaibi

Hometown: Country of Oman

Major: Hydrology water science

Anticipated date of graduation: Fall 2018

Why did you decide to come to University of Nebraska-Lincoln?
Studying abroad was dream came true. When I finished high school, I got a scholarship to the United States, so I started searching for a school. University of Nebraska-Lincoln caught my attention because it has a high rating and my major was available there. Safety was one of my top considerations, and I found Lincoln is a safe place to be, so that makes me more confortable. Thus, I choose Nebraska without any hesitation, and I am very glad I made that choice because it has been beyond my expectation.

What is your favorite thing about the university
There are many things that I like about UNL. I love how organized Nebraska campus is and how smooth the transportation is between city campus and east campus. Also, I love UNL people because they are friendly and you can easily make friends. Nebraska faculty also has helped me a lot during my journey, and they still doing that.

What is your favorite class and why?
U.S. Education in the Age of Globalization (EDPS 121) with Dr. Susan Burton. This is my favorite class ever. I have learned so many things about United States education, and it gave me good view about education system in other countries, too. Also, it also has helped me meet and make friends from different countries.

What are your plans following graduation?
After graduation, I hope I will get chance to earn a master’s degree; my goal is to get a Ph.D. I would love to work here in United States for few years before returning home to work. Because my country gave me the chance to study abroad, I would love to repay that by using my knowledge and experience in my country.

What is life like outside of school?
There are many things I do outside school life. I love traveling, and I have visited most states. I love traveling because I like to see and explore new things. When I travel, I take my cameras always with me because I like taking photos, and I hope I will be professional photographer one day. Besides that, these days I am trying to develop my new hobby, which is digital drawing, and this hobby might take me while to get used to it.

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