Climate offices release quarterly newsletters

Climate newsletter released.
Climate newsletter released.

The High Plains Regional Climate Center’s has released the spring edition of the quarterly newsletter, The Prairie Post.

Inside, you can learn about the latest activities their staff have been involved with, such as hosting a workshop for fisheries and wildlife professionals, providing custom data feeds for a new mobile app, and attending meetings all across the region.

In this quarter’s edition, they also featured two climate tools from regional partners. One tool is specifically for soybean producers in North Dakota, while the other tool is for producers in Kansas. Both tools can help monitor phenological development and assess frost risk.

To learn more about these tools, and our newest projects and outreach activities, click here.

You may have missed it
The Nebraska State Climate Office also released its quarterly newsletter this month. Climate Crossroads took a look at a new project, in collaboration with the HPRCC, to pair up with wildlife professionals to create climate change threat tools.

Also in this edition:
• Our spring climate outlook: A stormy spring is expected;
• A winter climate summary;
• An update on our weather network and upgrades we’ll be making this maintenance season;
• A new project to improve short-term wind forecasting across Nebraska; and
• Our service to our stakeholders: We gave 45 talks to 2,600 people in the past three months.

Access it here.

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