Student Spotlight: Adam Romans

Adam Romans | Courtesy image
Adam Romans | Courtesy image

Name: Adam Romans

Hometown: York, Nebraska

Major: Environmental Restoration with a minor in Water Science

Anticipated date of graduation: May 2018

Why did you decide to come to University of Nebraska-Lincoln?
I chose UNL to finish out my degree because of its Environmental Restoration degree program. To me, it appeared that UNL has a great agricultural understanding and what better way to learn about how contaminants move and affect the earth than by a college who has a major focus and understanding of soil processes.

What is your favorite thing about UNL?
East Campus. I like how spread out it is as well as the Nebraska Nice feel that East Campus brings. To be fair, City Campus is great, too, but there’s just something a little bit spectacular about the faculty, students, and staff over here at East campus.

What is your favorite class and why?
This one is tough as I’ve enjoyed a lot of the classes that have a focus for my degree. But to pick one, I’d have to choose Soil Resources [SOIL 153] with Mr. Timothy Kettler, Agriculture and Horticulture Department assistant professor of practice. The class does a great job of introducing the complex nature of soil and the basic principles of its processes. This may sound distasteful to some, but for me, it really helped affirm that working with such an intricate type of system is something I would like to focus and make a career out of.

What are your plans following graduation?
My goals post-graduation is to gain employment working for an environmental remediation company. Being able to apply my degree to real world problems right out of college would be a great and fulfilling achievement. After which I plan to continue my education by pursuing a master’s degree in safety systems. Having once worked within the EHS field, I believe becoming a safety director would be a nice career transition down the road.

What is life like outside of school?
Hectic, but I love it. If I’m not on East Campus working on a project, being a part of soil judging meetings, or chilling with some great colleagues, I’m usually either downtown working for the USDA-NRCS Soil lab or serving food at the local Buzzard Billy’s. During the parts of the day when I’m not working on homework or writing countless emails for various endeavors, I’ll be found catching up on the news or researching companies that have my interest. On occasion I get to actually enjoy the great outdoors by hiking, camping, or going to the range, though during semester those times are far and few between.