Brown-bag on Evolution of a Great Plants Garden

Brown-bag on Evolution of a GreatPlants Garden
Brown-bag on Evolution of a GreatPlants Garden

Some of the toughest spots to garden are areas surrounded by concrete. In Gering, Forester Amy Seiler transformed a large neighborhood traffic island into a garden worth visiting. With minimal moisture and extreme temperatures, her tips are valuable for challenging sites.

“Introducing my neighborhood to a new way of thinking about how to landscape has been at times challenging. But thanks to an incredible palette of GreatPlants a neighborhood eyesore has evolved into a beautiful garden that neighbors and wildlife can enjoy,” says Seiler. “This is a garden space that is constantly evolving and I am learning ways to maintain a more naturalized site.”

Attend the brown bag lunch from noon to 1 p.m. March 1 at Keim Hall Room 150.

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