Ecohydrology Talk at 3:30 Wednesday

Holly Barnard
Holly Barnard

Holly Barnard from the University of Colorado-Boulder will present "Ecohydrology: Coupling, Connectivity and Challenges in Forested Catchments" at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8, in the Hardin Hall auditorium.


Mechanistic assessment of how transpiration influences subsurface flow is necessary to advance understanding of catchment hydrology. This seminar summarizes multiple irrigation experiments to quantify the relationships among soil moisture, transpiration and hillslope subsurface flow. The goals of this research were to: (1) examine the time lag between maximum transpiration and minimum hillslope discharge with regard to soil moisture; (2) quantify relationships between diel hillslope discharge and daily transpiration; and (3) identify the soil depth from which trees extract water for transpiration. This seminar will clearly demonstrate that when soil moisture is high, hillslope trees can be an important factor in diel fluctuations in stream discharge. These findings advance a conceptual model for the site whereby the relationship between transpiration and hillslope discharge is a function of soil moisture status and drainable porosity.

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