Hallen-Adams to present at nutrigenomics seminar Feb. 22

Heather Hallen-Adams
Heather Hallen-Adams

Heather Hallen-Adams will present "Fungi, Nutrition and Gut Health" at noon on Feb. 22, at the next Nebraska Gateway for Nutrigenomics Seminar Series, Nebraska East Union, Garden Room.

Hallen-Adams is an assistant professor in the departments of Food Science and Technology and Plant Pathology. Her research focuses on molecular genetic controls of toxin production in fungi. She studies cross-talk between a toxigenic fungus (Fusarium graminearum) and its plant host (wheat) during disease development, with a focus on how the plant initiates toxin production in the fungus, and how the toxin in turn acts as a virulence factor in the plant.

In addition, her research emphasis includes gene expression in food processing fungi and the evolution of toxin production in poisonous mushrooms.

All interested faculty, students and staff are welcome to attend this free talk as part of the NGN Seminar Series.