'Invisible Cities' digital performance is April 12

School of Music undergraduate Nick Dahlquist experiments with computer vision.
School of Music undergraduate Nick Dahlquist experiments with computer vision.

The Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts presents "Invisible Cities: A Concert of Digital Performance" at 7:30 p.m., April 12 in the Lied Center for Performing Arts' Johnny Carson Theater. The performance is free and open to the public.

This performances will feature cutting-edge compositions created by students in the UNL course "Performance, Programming and Interactivity." The course is a unique cross-discplinary class mixing students and faculty from various disciplines, who learned to program for interactive musical and visual performance.

The performance will feature works that mix acoustic and electronic instruments, sensors, motion-tracking devices, video cameras and computers as performance tools. All of the works were developed using Max/MSP/Jitter, a programming language with incredibly powerful tools for creating interactive media.

The title "Invisible Cities" is borrowed from Italo Calvino's book by the same name, and the series of aphoristic and poetic solo, duo and ensemble pieces to be performed are modeled on vignettes found in this text.

Co-led by the Digital Arts Initiative, this concert will be the first event of its kind at UNL to feature this unique blend of technology and performance.

The Digital Arts Initiative is spearheaded by Fine and Performing Arts and is a collaborative effort among assistant professors Jeff Thompson (art and art history), Damon Thomas Lee (music) and Steve Kolbe (theater and film). The project is designed to provide interested students from all majors hands-on experience applying current technology to the arts.

These elective classes, which include courses such as Digital Video Production, Film Scoring and Creative Sound, and Digital Drawing, bring together students from various disciplines to share their unique perspectives.

For more information, go to http://go.unl.edu/digitalarts.

More details at: http://go.unl.edu/digitalarts