Reprogram phones for new 10-digit dialing

UNL users will need to update speed dials on phones, fax machines and other systems in anticipation of 10-digit dialing in Nebraska. The new 531 area code overlays the current 402 geographical area to meet the increased demand for additional numbers. On Feb. 26, 2011 the dialing grace period will end and callers will need to begin dialing 10 digits (including the 402 area code) when calling inside or outside of their area code.

Current numbers within the UNL Centrex system will not change. The on-campus system 2- prefix and calls to 911 will remain the same. The area code for existing numbers (and all UNL 472 numbers) will remain 402. Service manuals to most UNL phones are available online.

Updated Dialing Instructions:
On Campus: 2-XXXX
Local Off Campus: 9++<7-digit number>
Long Distance: 9+1++<7-digit number>

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