UNL Lectures this week (Oct. 20-26)


Tuesday, Oct. 23

Tuesday Talk at International Quilt Study Center and Museum, noon-1 p.m., “The Big Picture: How We Use Photography at IQSCM,” http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/23/71260/

Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Pierson Graduate Seminar, “Organic Electronics-Based Chemical and Biological Sensing Platform: Advances and Challenges,” by Ruth Shinar, senior scientist at Microelectronics Research Center, Iowa State University,” 3 p.m., 110 Jorgensen Hall, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/23/72027/

Biochemistry/Redox Biology Center Seminar, “Novel redox enzymes in the thylakoid lumen, by Patrice P. Hamel, 4 p.m., N172 Beadle Center, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/23/71202/

Entomology Lecture, “RNA Interference as a Tool for the Analysis of Gene Function in the Colorado Potato Beetle,” by Ashley Yates, entomology grad student, 4 p.m., Nebraska East Union, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/23/71208/

“Filming Exiles from Radical Islam: Fatwas, Persecution and the New Dissident,” Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Faculty Forum, by James LeSueur, 4 p.m., Nebraska Union, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/23/71931/

Wednesday, Oct. 24

Physics Seminar: Opportunities for Scientific Partnerships with the AFOSR, by Riq Parra and John Luginsland of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, 3 p.m., 145 Jorgensen Hall, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/24/71714/

Big Idea Seminar: “Tourism, Scenery and Open Landscapes,” by Steve Burr, director of the Institute for Outdoor Recreation at Utah State University, 4 p.m., Nebraska East Union, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/24/71751/

Biotechnology/Life Sciences Seminar, “Genes, Jeans and Genomes: Exploring the Mysteries of Polyploidy in Cotton,” by Jonathan Wendel, Iowa State University, 4 p.m., E103 Beadle Center, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/24/70502/

Thursday, Oct. 25

Discipline-based education research meeting: “Analysis of the Effect of Sequencing Lecture and Laboratory Instruction on Student Learning and Motivation Toward Learning Chemistry in an Organic Chemistry Lecture Course,” by Deblina Pakhira, 2 p.m., 109 Bessey Hall, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/25/70780/

Womens and Gender Studies Colloquium, “Surgical Sterilization, Regret and Race,” by Julia McQuillan and Karina Shreffler, 3:30 p.m., Nebraska Union, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/25/67497/

“Barefoot into Reality and Paruku: A visit to an Indigenous Protected Area in Australia,” by Tom Lynch, 3:30 p.m., Bailey Library in Andrews Hall, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/25/71860/

Friday, Oct. 26

Applied Ecology Seminar, “Whole Lake Research in Ohio” by Amy Burgin, 3 p.m., 163 Hardin Hall, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/26/70458/

Chemistry Colloquium, “Recent Progress in the Development of New Antibiotics,” by Norton P. Peet, 3:30 p.m., 112 Hamilton Hall, http://events.unl.edu/2012/10/26/69016/