Alvarez named UNOPA's boss of the year

Timothy Alvarez
Timothy Alvarez

Timothy Alvarez, assistant vice chancellor for Student Affairs, was named Boss of the Year during the University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association luncheon on Nov. 13.

Alvarez was nominated by Mary Guest. As winner, he received a $500 cash award, a plaque and a one-year UNOPA membership.

Letters of support reported that Alvarez motivates employees by taking an interest in their professional and personal growth. One letter stated that Alvarez "is the type of supervisor who inspires everyone to strive to improve because of the way he instills confidence to set and meet higher expectations, standards and goals."

Other nominees for the award were Richard Bischoff, professor of Child, Youth and Family Studies; David Jackson, associate dean in the Agriculture Research Division and Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station; and Alan Moeller with the NU Vice President/IANR Vice Chancellor’s Office.