UNL Alert users: re-sign up now for new system

Sign up for the new UNL Alert at unlalert.unl.edu
Sign up for the new UNL Alert at unlalert.unl.edu

What’s the best way to know when emergency situations and weather closings happen on campus? UNL Alert.

Students, faculty and staff are asked to sign up once again for UNL Alert in a new system: New names and contact information -- clean start. Beginning immediately, UNL will be a part of the statewide alert system through Twenty First Century Communication – partly for cost-savings and partly for improved service, according to Owen Yardley, UNL Chief of Police.

The new system sends alerts through just email and texts, eliminating the time issues created by making multiple phone calls via cell and landline, Yardley said. It also meets the needs of most users, while assuring that in an emergency or snow-closing, tens of thousands of phone messages are not initiated and slow down the messaging process.

“Text messages have more flexibility in when they can be accessed by the recipient,” Yardley said. “And we know that in any emergency situation it can be expected that voice service in cell phones will go down while text messaging capabilities remain available. We don’t want to be contributing to the problem by sending out thousands of phone calls.”

Yardley said the previous system has prompted many user complaints on inaccurate or outdated contacts, so the new system will start fresh by enrolling all users anew instead of migrating over incorrect data.

Using the emergency alert vendor used by state and local agencies will cost less and improve service, he said.

“It’s important for every student, faculty and staff member to enroll. Alert systems are the best way to send immediate targeted information to people directly affected by a possible emergency and to communicate what’s happening,” Yardley said. “It’s a powerful tool. I hope everyone will take the minute it takes to enter their contacts.”

Sign up today at https://unlalert.unl.edu/unlalert/ and enter your cell phone number (for text messages) and email address.